Here is another episode of violence (a murder, this time), once again from the United Kingdom and, once again, the product of the hate campaigns against smokers bestowed on the population by criminal public health authorities. A man was killed for smoking by two youngsters who objected to him smoking in a betting parlor. In the ensuing scuffle the 60-year-old smoker was punched and kicked, causing him to collapse on the ground where he fractured his skull. The two 18-year-olds have been sentenced to two years of prison for manslaughter.

This report assigns part of the blame to the older man because he used racially abusive language and only properly labels the perpetrators as "men" in the final paragraph. Left out completely was the question of whether the incident would have occurred if the teenagers had not heard their entire lives the relentless message that smokers are killing nonsmokers.

The health authorities are the real murderers, here – with their epidemiological frauds and with their hatred. Everyone else is a victim. But, nowadays, criminals make laws and the victims go to the graveyard or to jail. All in the name of the false god, health.

All is well with the world. Perhaps smokers should always arm themselves against the possibility of physical attack. That would not be a bad idea, in these times of "freedom".



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