The manufacturing of frauds on smoking and passive smoking has become a powerful multinational enterprise of crime and disinformation.
Here we have the latest methodological fraud from Italy, debunked by Michael Siegel. This swindle is part of a multinational programme to create a culture and a superstition – that passive smoking exposure is dangerous – since it is impossible in the slightest to demonstrate scientifically that passive smoking exposure hurts people.

Considering that fatal shortcoming, the antismoking crooks turn to what they do best: falsification and misrepresentation of data. Siegel reports:

“An article published online ahead of print in the journal Circulation concludes that the ban on smoking in public places in Italy has resulted in an 8%-11% decline in acute coronary events (i.e., heart attacks) in the first year following implementation of the ban (see: Cesaroni G, Forastiere F, Agabiti N, et al. Effect of the Italian Smoking Ban on Population Rates of Acute Coronary Events. Circulation 2008)”.

Francesco Forastiere, M.D., Ph.D., co-author of the study and head of the Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology Unit, Department of Epidemiology, Rome E. Health Authority, Italy, says: "The smoking ban in Italy is working and having a real protective effect on population health."

Mr. Forastiere lies through his teeth, and knows it. He misrepresents his own evidence to the public. Mr. Forastiere and the Italian “public health” establishment are therefore guilty of a vicious crime, misrepresentation of evidence and false public incitement. Riding on that crime, international media have characterised this misrepresentation as a scientific fact, to foster the belief that passive smoking hurts people. These bastards want to make a cultural religion out of undemonstrable preachments of fear.

The hoary "heart attack reduction" trick grows ever more lame. As Siegel points out (emphases added): “There’s just one problem with all of this: the conclusions of this study are not supported by the data. The data clearly show that the decline in heart attack rates among adults in these two age groups began prior to the implementation of the smoking ban. Thus, it is evident that the decline is not attributable to the smoking ban.”

Doctor Siegel proceeds to show us the data, and invites us to look at them ourselves – something that the “public health” crooks never, ever, allow the public to see. In reality, the ban has of course had no demonstrable effect, which supports the glaring evidence that passive smoking has no detrimental effects on the health of non-smokers.

Siegel concludes: “What I find highly intriguing is the apparent bias that is plaguing the interpretation of these smoking ban/heart attack studies, from Helena to Pueblo to Saskatoon to Bowling Green to Ireland to Scotland to Piedmont to Rome.”


We suggest "intriguing" is not the right word here. "Criminal" suits better. What is more criminal than deliberate propagandizing calculated to instil fear and hate? The eugenic fraudsters responsible for such execrable fear-mongering should not just be expelled from the scientific community. They should be put in jail. Empowered fanatics keep them out of jail for now. Citizens must forcibly rip power from Healthist ideologues. The time for that is now. The time for justice will follow.



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