If you think that you have seen enough of the demolition of common sense and the construction of wild paranoia, you are mistaken. All the frauds with public health and the adoption of junk science by authorities to date are just the prelude.

Prelude to what? Amongst all the public health issues that will help the full expansion of a hyper-socialist state based on fear, collectivism, compliance and super-control under President Obama, try epigenomics.

FORCES Columnist Dr. John Dunn explains to us the next upcoming hyper-scare of the 21st century – thus the next state hyper-control that the scare will inevitably demand.

”…If you want to really get concerned, there is a new toxicological concept called genomic toxicology that the EPA is working in its new long-range strategies planning. The idea is to expose genetic material to something, see if the base pairs or the codons get scrambled or changed and declare it a toxin.

Its better than high-dose linear threshold, since genetic material is fairly fragile and very complex.

But that is not all. Meet the new EPA toxicological scare strategy, called epigenomics — a kind of lysenkoish concept that says that genetic alterations and mutations that result from toxin exposures will be inheritable.

Imagine the panic among the ignorant, who are afraid of their own shadow… below is a link to the NIH announcement on the concept.”

The elimination of the concept of threshold along with the elevation of non-science such as epidemiology to the rank of real science by “public health” have completely dissociated the institution from the real science that follows the scientific method. That dissociation was an absolutely necessary step in the transition of public health from the role of an institution dedicated to the general well-being of the population to that of a political institution for the purpose of social, economic, cultural and ideological control and engineering. The public health tool is, in turn, essential for the transformation of America and the West into a collectivist conglomerate, and for the dismantling of whatever residual individual freedom, property rights and real science that may constitute an obstacle to the expansion of the health and environment-based planetary socialist way of the future.

Very much like the epidemiological junk science used for smoking, epigenomics will lend itself to the easy production of any fear necessary to expand state control of the most intimate aspects of your lives. Very much like the oracles of ancient Greece who interpreted animal entrails, “expert witches” will “interpret” genetic toxicity of any substance that is the target of cultural and behaviour modification programs for the ever-more ignorant, hysterically health-obsessed masses. Those who denounce that fraud will no longer be just “denormalized”; they will be lynched by the hysterics as enemies of life.

That is how public health will facilitate the transition of society from liberty to a totalitarian system that has elements of Communism, Fascism and Nazism. America and the West celebrated the fall of the Soviet Union too hastily. The USSR may have lost the economic war, but the West has certainly lost the ideological one.

We can’t help but remember the words of a man who, perhaps, saw farther than most 50 years ago. Here they are – and if you think that contemporary public health have nothing to do with them, then think again — and think hard.

"We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."

– Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959



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