So says John Banzhaf. A contributor suggested, in response to our new “Bullslinger Banzhaf” Multimedia section, a 2003 piece from which includes video of the (notably tubby) Action on Smoking and Health founder spouting off about his latest litigious obsession, obesity.

Banzhaf pulls no punches here. His opinion of your opinion of what should happen to you, his assessment of your right and responsibility to self determination, he sums up in one word: “crap.”

What can we say to this? That John Banzhaf is something far fouler than anything we’ve ever stepped in on the street? Anyone who has followed his hatemongering career of course knows that already, but the article and brief video linked with below are valuable evidence of his wretchedness, which we’re glad to add to our collection.

Link to Article [stored]

Link to Video



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