Soon you will not be able to drink to forget that you can no longer smoke or eat yummy stuff like a free man. Junk science and false information divulged by health ‘authorities’ have been instrumental in instigating people against smokers to the point of social hatred. Prohibition, castigation and negation of personal rights have been the result.
There is no reason why the crooks at the helm of ‘public health’ institutions should not apply the recipe against other categories of citisens and joys of life. In fact, here comes “public health” with the Great Epidemiological Fraud on alcohol. The fraud includes, of course, all those losers who hailed smoking bans so that they “could have a pint without the ‘harmful effects’ of passive smoking”. As idiots will be idiots, they now deserve everything that comes their way. Unfortunately amongst those who pay the price of the criminal activities of “public health” there are those who did not hail smoking bans.

Be that as it may, the persecution of drinkers has officially begun, and once again it will be coordinated internationally by the gang of thugs running the World Health Organization and enabled by the bastards in the “public health” racket. We are seeing the signs everywhere: almost in every country, magically, the mass-media marionettes have been activated to report violence, street “hecatombs” and epidemics that were not there last month.

This piece from Spiked On Line tells: “Europe to crack down on ‘passive drinking’, says leaked report” (stored copy here); this one from The Daily Mail says: “World leaders plan ‘guilt campaign’ to persuade drinkers to reduce alcohol intake” (stored copy here). This other one from The Telegraph goes like this: “The war on ‘passive drinking’” (stored copy here).

So it has begun. We at FORCES know our Nazis well and – unlike many others on our side – we CAN think like criminals. For that reason since 2005 we set up on our old web site the section: “Straightening up Drinkers” to demonstrate that anti-alcohol would soon be rearing its ugly head. And, of course, it is. The bastards will not stop – and never mind writing petitions and finding other excuses for being ostriches once again.

Will drinkers bend over like smokers? Probably, because they will not understand that the only way to deal with “public health” is to use sufficient physical and political force first to shame it into silence, and then dismantle its rotten institutions and rebuild them so that they respect their mandates, personal liberties – and especially science. And no, their mandates have never been the control of choice and behaviour of citizens.

The drinkers will organize e-mail rounds, send petitions, whine a lot, protest in newspapers while the mass-media will lock out any opposition as usual – they love their drug advertising revenue! Drinkers will speak of rights while being accused of being stooges of the alcohol industry; they will sue on the basis of those rights – and lose as usual. At first, to appear “reasonable” in the pathetic attempt to “win” public opinion, they will accept “reasonable restrictions on drinking” that, of course, will shrink into nothingness just as it happened with smoking sections.

And they will be scared to death by the mass-production of fraudulent epidemiological “science” such as the piece we are reporting today, which is the beginning of a long chain of frauds: “Violence on streets linked to drinking in pregnancy”. Mark our words: by the end of this year drinking will be "causally” linked to hundreds of diseases that you did not even know existed. By 2010, “everyone will know” that “drinking kills”. It will be written on bottles and the bastards of the European Health Commission will talk about "An alcohol-free Europe by 2015" or thereabout. The product will be kept legal but the bastards will demonize its consumers while taxing it to death.

“Dr Harry Burns told MSPs yesterday he believes foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a key element in behaviour problems once the babies grow up. The problems caused by pregnant women drinking are known to include behavioural and learning difficulties as well as constrained growth for the children affected, and the health chief thinks it is directly linked to anti-social behaviour on Scotland’s streets” (emphasis added).

It goes without say that the Scottish crook is lying and exaggerating. Clearly once again we are facing a well-organized Mafia that has strong interests in “demonstrating” the toxicity of alcohol in any form and in any amount – the cancerous “zero exposure” mentality once again. We can already see on the website of the American NIAAA a very convenient definition, that actually means nothing but that can be applied literally to anything, just like the frauds on smoking:

“The umbrella term "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)" is now used to characterize the full range of prenatal alcohol damage varying from mild to severe and encompassing a broad array of physical defects and cognitive, behavioral, and emotional deficits” (emphasis added).

As the “reason” why some kids who did not do good at school was mama smoking while pregnant, now the “reason” will be mama drinking while pregnant. As we all know, perfect mothers will make perfect children with no problem at all who enjoy eternal health. Hitler’s children will make sure that dad’s dream will come true, this time. In reality, the description of the FASD symptoms is complex, and each symptom can be caused by other toxicities and deficiencies: nutrition, disease, environment, lack of psychological assistance during the growth of the child, and so on. As an example, let us see more of this trash in a compilation of studies we are linking to. These “studies” have nothing to envy on the trash science used to make the “everybody knows that smoking kills” legend part of our culture.

In the sample compilation those who have followed the antitobacco fraud will find the very familiar array of fantasies and “attributions” that, without a shred of scientific evidence, will turn into “science” for propaganda purposes: if a school kid is shorter than average, or his head is a little smaller, or his legs are slightly crooked and so on, he is immediately labeled as a case of “fetal alcohol syndrome” without even bothering to verify whether the mother actually drank during pregnancy! This is the same, identical con job of the asthmatic child who must have been exposed to passive smoking at home.

Once again, this epidemiological reverse engineering (no offence intended for the engineers) has nothing to do with science, but with political and cultural engineering. Unless drinkers learn from the smoker’ errors and start to fight politically and with disobedience – now! — the day will come soon that smokers and drinkers, fat people and car drivers will go to jail for violating some prohibition, while the criminals who wrote the laws and the junk science will hold the keys.



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