First commandment of tobacco control: deny the evidence in front of the most glaring proof. Ideology first of all!…

Everywhere in the world there is unquestionable proof that smoking bans destroy businesses, but the public health criminals consider that an acceptable damage, as it is not their livelihood at stake in the first place.

Regardless, their mandate is to deny the evidence as much as possible – often by producing, at first, con studies that "demonstrate" that smoking bans are good for business; and then by asking their accomplices in the mass media to be silent on the devastation that smoiking bans have caused.

All that to the end of “getting people used” to prohibition, and with the intent of establishing prohibition as “normality”, so that it is no longer perceived as prohibition. Playing with perceptions, fraud and false number seems to be, today, the primary function of the public health institutions.

Eventually – as in the case of what is reported here by Clearing the Air, the admission is made: “Minnesota Public Radio story admits one year later statewide smoking ban eliminates business”. The grand idea is that the economy will “adjust” to the public health Nazi program. In the current devastating economic situation, that notion is as real as the "mortality" of smoking: it exists only in the sick heads of its conceivers.

We link to Clearing the Air for the rest of the story.



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