Tobacco Control has declared that the smoking ban has sent the entire British population into a pounding ecstacy which must inevitably be accelerated to reach orgasmic fulfillment. The new eugenicists are of course proclaiming precisely as we predicted on the day before the one-year anniversary of Britain’s ban. Naturally we express no gram of pride in saying “we told you so.” It takes a very little talent to anticipate the actions of frothing dogs in heat, but none at all, when it comes to antismokers.

The Healthists’ gibbering, grunts, and snorts, are echoing perfectly as forecasted, point on point, except that Medical News Today (stored link) forgets to claim that smoking bans immediately cure heart disease amongst non-smokers. That propagandistic lapse is understandable if one considers the urgent citation of “a hunger for more action: the smokefree law is not an end in itself but has proven to be a catalyst for further controls on tobacco” as an irrepressibly premature ejaculation.

Tobacco Control as always projects its own sadistic frenzy as representing popular opinion, complete with inevitable poll results, reported by the masters of statistical misrepresentation. We have also come across a web discussion (stored link), introduced as sympathetic to the smoker pogrom in Great Britain, which provides some interesting contrasts. Disbelief of and disgust with Healthist propaganda predominate.

A particularly obnoxious Californian calling himself Francis Mortyn butts in to the discussion and our readers will enjoy the numerous denunciations he receives from subsequent writers. One of Mortyn’s points merits further comment here. He notes that spittoons disappeared naturally from American bars. This is so but he fails to note the cause.

In the nineteenth century, tobacco chewing predominated over tobacco smoking, as the favored form of use amongst the working classes. Manufactured cigarettes took the place of chaw as the common man’s tobacco preference in the twentieth century. This remains the case. Ashtrays have not, as Mortyn suggests, disappeared naturally as the spittoons did.

Rather, today’s smoking bans have appeared very similarly as did American alcohol prohibition, the result of a crazed puritanical movement, which has organized and grown over decades. Even despite scaremongering propaganda about “passive” smoking, accommodation of smoking has remained common, except in areas where it has become prohibited by law.

Of course, the old rhetoric about “the fatal glass of beer” was not really believed by all, and alcohol prohibition was not really preferred by society. Today’s proselytizers of “secondhand smoke kills” and the smoker pogrom are far crazier even than were the ax-wielding liquor prohibitionists of yore. The bug-eyed Francis Mortyns of this world belong in padded cells, like the one Carry Nation died in, long ago.

As it was with alcohol prohibition, a reverse movement is growing, unfortunately, once again, rather late in the game. We are today, to a great extent, ruled by arrogant prohibitionist lunatics. The anti-prohibition movement exists at this time in an embryonic form, comparable in size and force to the antitobacco movement, as it was in the early ‘sixties. Bad times and a titanic struggle lie ahead. Once more we must put the nuts into straitjackets. You must play your part. Don’t just follow the anti-prohibition movement. Join it.



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