Youngsters are resisting and organizing protest to get back their right to make their own food choices. The nanny state haunts every aspect of living and every age bracket.

Columnist Lindor Reynolds of the Winnipeg (Canada) Free Press ridicules high school students for the subject of their organized protest: the kids are truly fed up with food restrictions in school. The truth is Lindor Reynolds is rather nauseating, while these kids are what kids ought to be, very cool. As one student indignantly states, "THE ROLE OF SCHOOLS is to TEACH US how to MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES, and to EDUCATE US on what they think is best for us. This does not mean to rip all of the drinks off the shelves, jack up the price of (expletive) MILK, and try and stuff an apple down our throats!" Buy that kid a Coke. The nanny state intends to dictate every nuance of our lives from cradle to grave. This will only stop when we stop it. Note also our mirror-image story on oldsters today.



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