Another holy grail of the healthist ideology is that zero exposure is the only way to guarantee 100% health – another way to express the belief that if we eliminate ALL the causes of disease and death, death and disease will not take place.

This concept is as eminently linear (and stupid) as the Marxist elimination of money as the cause of all social inequity was. As time goes, the only thing that changes is the topic, but not the universal constant of bureaucratic idiocy. That is why the nihilistic healthist ideology is based on the number zero (zero tolerance, zero exposure, zero dialogue…): idiocy admits a lot of arrogance, but NO debate and intellect. The truth is already in the pocket – why waste time arguing about it?

Take this example of “emissions killing our children”. Should school buses idle while the kids board them, or turn the engine off? Perhaps restarting the engine creates even more emissions? Alarm – that’s always the right thing to do! How do we ever achieve the zero exposure target? Zero exposure is absolute health! Perhaps we should go back to the horse – but horses make emissions too, through their methane farts, and cause global warming! We should really find the way of moving without consuming energy, shouldn’t we? Hell there outta be a law about that!

In reality exposure is dangerous only in massive and concentrated quantities, but it is bad to say that: health first of all – truth, reality and freedom can wait.

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