Zero tolerance rears its mindless head in Scotland as a busybody decrees that hospital staff may not smoke any time, any where while in uniform.

The proposal, already igniting derision and threats of litigation, is in line with Scotland’s agenda to demonize all smokers in the attempt to move them from tobacco consumption to consumption of pharmaceutical "smoking cessation" devices. Along with the employee crackdown, in the words of the newspaper, comes the plan to forbid smoking anywhere on hospital property. The smoking shelters eracted, at taxpayer expense, outside the hospital will be razed.

While pro liberty groups decry this latest foray into behavior fascism it is likely that the latest tyranny will move forward. Hospital employees, patients and visitors, of course, will furtively continue smoking on hospital grounds but the purpose of strewing divisiveness between smoker and nonsmoker will be accomplished. Smoking will become an object of petty blackmail and some day a forbidden cigarette butt, still smoldering without a proper receptacle in which to discard it, will ignite a fire that will imperil the entire hospital.

Negative aspects resulting from this insane ban are not the concern of the goons who propose it. Their job is to instill hate and they are quite good at that task although none could ever get a job doing anything productive. Smokers will whine and the general public will decry the smoking ban but without force the goon squad will grow ever more audacious in their task to bring us all to heel.



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