A few years ago the famous psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, a member of our Honour Committee, asked a witty question to make fun of the healthist idiots: “When all the causes of death will be eliminated, what will people die of?” The answer to Dr. Szasz’s question may be Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).

Just a few days ago we reported on this latest manifestation of hypochondria, and we even created a new section in our Multimedia for the occasion, entitled “Believe it or not”. You have to believe us when we say that our comments in the links above above were not to make fun of an improbable thing; rather, we DO believe that this umpteenth manifestation of collective mental disease will become a “serious” “public health” problem very soon.

To err is human, but to persevere is diabolical – and we have learned from the mistake of others who, twenty years or so ago, understandably laughed at the idea that a scent (passive smoking) could lead to prohibition and persecution as we see it today. Their mistake was that they tragically overestimated collective intelligence, did not take the issue seriously enough, and thus did not use sufficient force to counter the fraud before it became a vampiric institution.

EHS is destined to become a widespread hysteria of the future, as wireless computers are as ubiquitous as smoking was in smarterr times – and the WiFis are still spreading. Everybody is using them, and for that reason alone the ingredients of the “epidemic” are there already. Internet health guru Dr. Mercola spouts his usual brand of unreason on this topic in the article linked with below. Mercola, a frequent champion of improbable diseases and cures, once again acts as the canary in the coal mine here. He even criticizes the World Health Organization for not taking EHS seriously enough. Perhaps he needs to be reminded that, today, the WHO takes seriously only what concerns the marketing interests of Big Pharma as, for all intents and purposes, the WHO is the political, enforcing arm of the pharmaceutical multinationals. Nevertheless, the WHO quote that Mercola reports is worthy of serious consideration, as the implications are as profound as they are insane:

" ’…There are also some indications that these symptoms may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about believed EMF [electromagnetic frequencies] health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself.’ But added, ‘Whatever its cause, EHS is a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons.’ “

We must stop and ponder on this. While for the first time we agree with the WHO about the whole EHS thing being yet another psychiatric issue, the second part of its statement basically says that EHS is real because the psychiatric condition is real and thus, as the hypochondriacs believe that it is real, then EHS deserves the same attention (and, presumably, regulation, prohibition, etc.) as for a real disease! In short, we must exceed to the hypochondriacs’ demands (instead of committing them to psychiatric wards for appropriate treatment) because their somatization* is real.

EHS, therefore, will soon belong to the shady, ever-growing twilight of the junk science diseases, such as the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or the Attention Deficit Disorder, designed either to give attention to whiners or to put money in the pockets of Big Pharma.

As long as society and “health authorities” give credibility and pay attention to emotionally immature attention-grabbers rather than kicking them in the ass as they deserve, the passive smoking incidents will relapse over and over again in an endless number of forms. Already Mercola reports of several EHS associations forming all over the world, such as The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive, while himself wildly speculating that a few molecules of heavy metals contained in laptop computers attract radiation!

The most amusing part of Mercola’s article is, however, the symptoms (scroll down a bit in his article), one of them being "feeling a vibration." Please understand that the frequency of wireless Internet is in the range of 2.4 Gigahertz, that is, the waves go up and down 2.4 thousand million times per second, while their maximum power is only 0.1 watt. As it is absolutely and positively impossible for any living creature to feel (or be damaged by) such infinitessimal power vibration, the only possible explanation is the utter ignorance of the hypochondiacs that made it up – to say nothing of that of Dr. Mercola, who gives them credibility!

Don’t laugh, as this collective psychiatric condition is a very serious matter. All these BS “diseases” are, in fact, leading society straight into banktrupcy. They are also a way to reject progress and joy in any form – from cars to cellular phones to computers to cigarettes to alcohol to food. In plain, these obscurantist folks hate progress to the point of being sick, and they would gladly bring us back to a smoke-free stone age.

* Somatization: The process by which psychologic distress is expressed as physical symptoms. Somatization is an unconscious process. In somatization, mental experiences or states are "converted" to bodily symptoms. A tension headache is an example: tension is converted to a headache. Somatization is a normal phenomenon. However, some patients with somatization have psychiatric conditions. A person who is expressing physical symptoms as a result of psychological distress is said to be somatizing. The word "somatization" comes from the Greek "some" meaning body. Somatization is a part of psychosomatic medicine, the mind-body relationships, the interactions between the mind (the "psyche") and body (the "soma").



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