Budget Cuts

More and more states are in a budget pinch and are cutting dollars to anti-smoking organizations and they are squealing!<br />
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These organizations do nothing but teach hatred and discrimination against people who are doing nothing more than enjoying a legal product.&nbsp; Their funding should not only be cut to bare bones but to zero.&nbsp; They have zero tolerance and so do we!<br type="_moz" />

Baldwin Park, CA

Baldwin Park, CA is planning to ban smoking in apartments and condo’s and Powerade, Gatorade and other sports drinks from city-owned vending machines.<br />
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There is no end to banning legal products by misinformed zealots!<br type="_moz" />

Discrimination Against Everyone

More and more companies are looking into your smoking, eating and drinking habits and even who you support politically.&nbsp; Is that any of their business?&nbsp; They think so. We don’t.<br />
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Obesity cost more in higher insurance premiums than any other lifestyle choice but they are protected under Federal Law (wonder how that happened).<br />


The first City in France to ban smoking at their beach.&nbsp; Complaints have been numerous, some say one beach is alright but more than that isn’t.<br />
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The Anti’s won’t be happy with one beach, they want all smoking outdoors banned including beaches.<br type="_moz" />


Iowa Department of Public Health Director Mariannette Miller-Meeks quietly fired Bonnie Mapes, administrator of the Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control. Miller-Meeks has told some members of the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Commission that she intends to seek legislation to disband the division entirely and that she has little interest in developing effective tobacco control policy.<br />
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Good for her!<br type="_moz" />


S 1094 introduced by State Sen. Susan Fargo, would ban the sale of cigarettes from any store that contains a pharmacy.<br />
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Bill supporters say a statewide restriction of tobacco sales will send a more consistent public health message. But retailers who oppose the plan said <u>it is not government’s role to tell store owners they cannot sell a legal product </u>- one which creates tax revenue with the cigarette sales tax, retailers said.<br />
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We agree with the retailers, when have we ever banned the sales of a heavily taxed legal product?&nbsp; Never.&nbsp; This is not a good precedent to set.&nbsp; What’s next?&nbsp; Soft drinks, cookies, potato chips, hot dogs the list sould be endless!<br />

Orange County, CA

Jodie Feinberg, who lives in Aliso Creek Apartment Homes complex, wants to ban smoking in her apartment building because of her neighbors who live two stories down and smoke on their patio.<br />
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This movement to ban smoking in apartments or condos is beginning to spread across the country.&nbsp; The studies on second hand smoke are many and yet there is no clinical evidence that second hand smoke is harmful.&nbsp; If you are a smoker and wish to continue to smoke in your home, which totally unreasonable,&nbsp; we urge you read our <a href="http://www.data-yard.net/science/abc_ets/abc_ets_2008.pdf">ABC’s of ETS</a>.&nbsp; Information and Education is key to stop this insanity of banning a legal product!<br />

Generation Y

<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none"><i><span class="BodyCopy">Look no further than college campuses to see why the headline is true: College students don’t seem to notice — or care — that their rights are slowly being taken away.<br />
<br />
</span><span class="BodyCopy">Despite the fact that hundreds of colleges and universities have banned a completely legal substance from campus, there has been little, if any, outrage from students.</span></i>
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<p><i><span class="BodyCopy">Interestingly, it is tobacco that receives the most scrutiny from college administrations. Alcohol (which is illegal for those under 21) and marijuana are pervasive substances on college campuses, yet tobacco is the substance under attack.</span></i></p>
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Dr. Siegel Teaming Up With E-cigarettes

On Wednesday, August 3, 2001, Dr. Siegel will be answering questions live on Facebook between 8 p.m.and 9 p.m.&nbsp; For more information go to <a target="_blank" href="http://www.blucigs.com/">www.blucigs.com</a>.<a target="_blank" href="http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/"><br />
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Dr. Michael Siegel</a> is a physician with 21 years of experience in tobacco control and founder of The Center for Public Accountability in Tobacco Control. He has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers on the health effects of secondhand smoke, cigarette advertising, and evaluation of tobacco control policies, and his research has appeared in journals including the <i>New England Journal of Medicine</i> and the <i>American Journal of Public Health. </i><br type="_moz" />