Paranoid Hypochondriacs

<div style="text-align: justify;">&quot;I personally don’t read news stories about health or science. There are so many scare stories about the risk of this or that, you can easily become a paranoid hypochondriac by reading all of that junk. Reasonable precautions and moderation in all things are quite sufficient for reasonable health.&quot;<br />

Kill the Smokers

<div style="text-align: justify;">An editorial in the <i>Rochester Post-Bulletin</i> of Minnesota calls for absolute humiliation and ostracism of smoker pigs, setting the stage for reader comments, which suggest putting the smoker pigs in jail or, better still, simply killing them all.<br />

‘Pollyannaish’ Economic Forecasts

<div style="text-align: justify;">From layoffs to bankruptcy to suicide the plain evidence of economic havoc wrought by smoking bans on several sectors of the economy is as clear as it was intuitive to anyone with a balanced view. Anti simply lies and will continue lying about this as she does on many subjects. We present more refutation of Anti’s prohibitionist propaganda from Federal Reserve economist Michael R. Pakko.</div>

EXTRA: Italian Antismoking Hero Gets Three Years

<div style="text-align: justify;">Girolamo Sirchia is a perfectly sinister antismoker: hypocritical, paternalistic, arrogant to the extreme, ex-smoker (the worst kind of anti), fanatical ideologist, morally clueless, a born crook. He can lie straight to your face while looking you in the eyes, although he cannot bear a steady gaze, such as an Italian court has now shown him.<br />

Butt Out

<div style="text-align: justify;"><img hspace="4" align="left" alt="" src="" />We present an episode of the satirical American television cartoon program <i>South Park</i> with which many of our readers are familiar.<br />

Smoke asbestos, but keep off the phone!

<div style="text-align: justify;">New research reveals that cell phones are the greatest risk extant to human health, putting smoking and asbestos into the minor leagues, although incidentally, cell phones are really nothing to worry about. Confused? Read on.<br />

The Cigarette (Original Song)

<div style="text-align: justify;"><img hspace="4" align="left" src="" alt="" />&ldquo;Puffing Billy&rdquo; presents this musical video.<br />
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