The Department of Fat

<p><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;">In New Jersey the power of the state is coming down hard on the tubby, establishing a new department to shape up the people, especially the children.&nbsp; The new Office of Nutrition and Fitness will oversee programs to slim down the tykes through education, support groups, physical activity and the de-normalization of particular culinary practices.&nbsp; The commissar in charge of the new department is considering having the public schools nag parents whose offspring are judged too heavy.&nbsp; While the goals and especially the budget of the new department are fairly sparse there is a well-known phenomenon where government agencies and departments inevitably metastasize and becoming more dictatorial.&nbsp; New Jersey doesn’t often assume a trend-setting role but rest assured that 49 state governments are enviously looking at that state’s fat department and making plans to get one of their own.</span></p>
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Fashionable bigotry

<p><strong>&nbsp;</strong><font size="2" face="Arial"><span lang="en-gb" style="background-position: 0% 50%;">Recently The Disney Enterprise people enacted a severe smoking ban at their Disney location in Orlando, Florida.&nbsp; This ban makes a complete mockery of the fact that Walt Disney himself was a smoker.&nbsp; The site we link to is a hate-filled site with a photo of Walt smoking.&nbsp; Underneath, the statement reads &quot;Disneyland lung cancer&quot;.&nbsp; For kicks contrast the anti-smoking cretin pictured at the top with the smoking Walt Disney and ask yourself which of the two makes a positive contribution to society.</span></font></p>

No more adoption for smokers

<p><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;">The massage of &quot;public health&quot; is clear: smokers no longer belong in society. They are not welcome in public places, on the job, and as parents &ndash; even of the adoptive kind.&nbsp; This is the process of denormalization of a time honoured-habit for which not one death can be demonstrated to be caused by. </span></p>

Do the math

<p><strong> </strong> <span lang="en-gb"><font size="2" face="Arial"><span style="background-position: 0% 50%;"><!–webbot bot="PurpleText" PREVIEW="" –>Ottawa County in Michigan proposes to ban smoking outdoors based on what may appear on the surface as some very scary sounding numbers.&nbsp; Add in some extreme speculation presented as fact, mention &quot;the children&quot; and….PRESTO….another oppressive ban takes shape.</span></font></span></p>

The War on Fun

<p><font size="2" face="Verdana"><a href=""></a>From Canada, another shot against the antis, this time in the form of a book called The War on Fun. The author is a conservative-libertarian publisher,&nbsp; Ezra Levant, best known for taking a courageous stand during the controversy some time back over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed (Levant reproduced the cartoons in his magazine).</font><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial; color: black;"> </span></p>

Smoker hauled to jail for defying ban

<p>Some people are heroes even if they dont realize it.&nbsp; We read that in Texas a smoker has been arrested for smoking. &nbsp;&ldquo;Brian Wayne Hendrix … was arrested and jailed on an outstanding warrant for smoking in a public place &mdash; a bar.&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mr. Hendrix says he was &ldquo;flabbergasted&rdquo;.&nbsp; But why?&nbsp; Didnt he know that Texas, as other states did, made the passive smoking fraud a state law?&nbsp; And a law is a law, isn&rsquo;t it?…</p>

Smoking up in Massachusetts since the ban

<p><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial"><img height="88" alt="" width="65" align="right" src="" /></span>Smoking bans yield predictable results everywhere, that is, the opposite of what &ldquo;public health&rdquo; says it wants to achieve with prohibition.&nbsp; A rush of non-smokers in &ldquo;smoke-free&rdquo; environments is promised although bankruptcies are what take place.&nbsp; Our hearts dont bleed for most hospitality industry associations, however, that keep trading freedoms for some temporary exemption while seeking political correctness.</p>